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This is a key focus and strength that demonstrate the high reputation that the KBA brand has gained in the community over time.
An open-minded approach grounded on clearly documented school policies has provided a non-discriminative access to learning to all, regardless of their social, cultural, religious or political affiliations. Upon admission, at any level, all pupils are entitled to equal care and benefits available in the school.

Teaching, learning and assessment

Quality assurance is embraced and maintained in all facets of the teaching process and this ensures positive impact to learning.
The pupils are exposed to diverse learning styles and adequate time and effort is directed at various subjects in the prescribed curriculum by the ministry of education. Effective assessment plans have been designed to test the mastery levels of concepts learned.

Student progression and achievement

Pupils’ progression in KBA is well monitored based on attendance, examination performance and course completion. This is usually visible in their confidence, enthusiasm and discipline as they strive to attain set targets. It takes effort and sacrifice on many fronts to prepare the pupils towards positive behavior change and this is the combined role of teachers, care givers, non-teaching staff, the society, family and church.

Talents and skills development

Since every pupil is unique, considerable effort is employed to identify, develop and nurture their talents in different fields. This is enhanced through sporting activities, club participation and co-curricular activities in general.
The teachers inculcate skills to the pupils that include but are not limited to, life skills, interpersonal skills, communication and integrity. Pupils in KBA have adapted to the culture of spoken language and therefore have opportunity to develop optimum fluency in English and Kiswahili. Pupils are allowed and encouraged to express themselves freely and respectfully and teaching and non teaching staff are expected to respectfully accord the pupils a listening year and positive response. This enhances and builds confidence and trust in the pupils and school community.

Child Welfare and Motivation

An effective pastoral care program seeks to promote the spiritual development of the pupils. Day to day programs is in place aimed at promoting positive behavior, peaceful co-existent and harmony.
Instructional materials, infrastructure and facilities are designed appropriately for administering and delivering the curriculum while ensuring that there is favorable time allocation for co-subjects and child-friendly approaches.

Child’s rights and responsibilities

At KBA, we believe that a child has a right to appropriate quality education under amiable conditions. Pupils are expected to uphold the agreed code of conduct and to participate actively in all matters affecting their health and education.
They are also expected to uphold cohesion of the KBA family, respect for their parents and elders at all times. Every pupil must observe the school rules and regulations as they are meant to preserve and strengthen the well-being and the integrity of their country.

Physical education, guidance and counseling

The KBA group of schools promotes and practices a healthy lifestyle which leads to psychosocial development of a child.
Here, we endeavor to instill the value of physical education, sporting and recreational activities for better health.
Children are taught and assisted to acquire positive values through guidance and counseling.