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The KBA group of Schools is a Christian learning institution. We acknowledge, cherish, value and endeavor at all times to live by the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We practice and expound Christian values such as love, care, concern, respect for all, solidarity, integrity and knowledge seeking.

These values and Godliness form the bedrock upon which we build and grow the KBA group of school. Principally, we are driven by an absolute commitment to quality in pursuit of academic excellence, co-curricular activities and spiritual nurturing of our learners. We offer an environment conducive for students to develop and explore their diverse talents and interests in curricular and co-curricular activities. This includes enhancing their creative thinking, confidence in stage performance, nurturing the potential of future leaders and sporting stars.

Ultimately, we enhance the learners’ perception of themselves as individuals capable of exploiting wide intellectual horizons with confidence and this enable them to develop holistically, adapt and fit well in the society.

The board of management, staff, parents/guardians and other stake holders has demonstrated team spirit and commitment to the school vision. This has provided the necessary framework to deliver superior output in key areas which quite often exceed expectations. The school is therefore well tuned to playing at the top league in the space we operate in.