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There are three sections in Primary school; Lower, Middle and Upper Primary. We have excellent enrolment trends in this section as we optimize quality teaching and learning. We strive to enhance ample orientation that promotes social, emotional, academic and spiritual growth in the life of the learners. To this end, invaluable care and support is accorded to the exploration of each learner’s academic and developmental needs.

Class Setting

The Lower, Middle and upper primary school sections caters for boys and girls aged between 6 to 14 years. The classroom ambience and aura prove ideal for learning with all sorts of convenience under conducive and serene environment.

The Ethos of Operation

Rules and regulations form a central part of operations with greater emphasis on the child’s code of conduct. Within a given time limit, school programs are evenly distributed in the timetable to suit the dynamics of the time and illustrate care, welfare and support of the school community.

Pupils’ Conduct

The KBA group of schools has adopted multiple approaches in enhancing discipline and character development of the pupils. This includes role modeling, mentorship and guidance and counseling. The core purpose of this is to facilitate adaption of positive behavior which enhances pupils’ readiness to learn and promote a harmonious co-existence with others. A purposeful spiritual program and sports activities all help to instill discipline and character formation.

Staff Service

Members of the teaching staff are competent, committed and can be relied on to execute their mandate. They are constantly guided and supervised to provide efficient and effective approaches to curriculum delivery using approaches that are child friendly.

Progress Evaluation

To monitor their progress, pupils are routinely exposed to graded internal and external exams. With ample guidance from their teachers, the pupils strive to attain target marks at subject and class levels. With stiff inter-class competition within a given stream, teachers engage learners consistently and with a positive mindset.