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In this section that powers the physical growth and energy renewal in all stake holders, we have a well equipped kitchen with modern facilities and commensurate with a modern School. works in the Kitchen are well trained and medically fit for the service. They undergo medical checks every 6 months as required of food handlers in Kenya. Our menu is nutritious and well balanced to cater for the needs of everyone within our fraternity.


The KBA group of schools board has contracted a reputable security service provider to man the gate during day and night as well as to provide security in the entire property. The firm has back up security patrol 24/7. In addition, the School has employed internal security control mechanism underpinned by care taker staff that is “macho” all the time. Nevertheless we teach our pupils, members of staff and everyone else within our fraternity that security begins with you as an individual and it boils down to the core values of respect and honor for your neighbor regardless of their race color or creed.


We have a safe transport system that picks students from their homes every morning and drops them in the late afternoon. Our highly well maintained fleet of vehicles is fitted with safety belts and other first aid gadgets that ensure the safety of students. Each vehicle has a minder that controls the students while on transit. For ease of identification and reporting on any issue, the vehicles are numbered KBA001, KBA002, and KBA003 etc. Drivers are regularly supported to upgrade their skills and empowered in road safety matters and customer service. School transport is offered along the following routes and others could be added as necessary: Zimmer man, Roysambu, Safari park, Kasarani, Membley, Kahawa west, Jacaranda, Ruiru, Githurai 45, Githurai 44, Kahawa Sukari, Marurui, Kiamumbi & Kiu Kenda.


Our well stocked library has course books and general reading materials like story books and magazines for the older pupils. The resources in the library have proved to be invaluable during our library and Maktaba lessons. Reading and research are key elements that KBA fosters in developing an enquiring mind in our students. An e-learning resource centre facility is included in the new KBA School tuition block that is 80% complete and will be in place by mid-2017. The e-learning centre will position KBA School at the cutting edge in the digital age.