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The KBA Group of schools has continued to soar to greater levels not only in academics but also in corporate social responsibility. Examples of these include:

Our contribution towards helping children with heart disorders

This is done during the various Heart Run events for example, The Karen Hospital Heart run, where well-wishers come together once a year, run and raise money in support of heart surgery in children with heart conditions. The KBA School was awarded as the highest School contributor in the 2016 Karen Hospital heart run.

We visit children orphanages in the neighborhood and beyond

This activity creates a platform through which our pupils express their love, concern and solidarity, through material and spiritual support to the less fortunate in society.

Taking part in cleanup activities.

This is made possible through liaising with the local community. We set up a day to clean up market centers and roads. This has made us to enjoy good relations with the community around us.

Empowering our staff and pupils on matters of integrity who in turn go and impact society positively

This has not gone unnoticed. Our pupils have, as a result been able to honour invitations from high profile national institutions such as the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) event at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) in 2015. Supporting other institutions whose goal is to impact the society spiritually, for example Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL), an institution whose mission is to make the bible more accessible to all in the society. Our children have featured in television programs such as Rauka – a Sunday program on Citizen Television, Generation next (NTV) and Sunrise Show (KBC). This has facilitated sufficient exposure enabling our children to continue growing in all spheres of life.