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The formation department is responsible for the spiritual well-being of the learners, staff and other stake holders. In liaison with the pastoral office, it oversees spiritual programs of the learners and staff. It is therefore this department that holds together the fabric that unites and ties KBA fraternity. It oversees guidance and counseling programs; nurtures talents; develops leadership potential in pupils and admonishes undesirable character.

As a Christian institution, our core mandate is to guide and develop people who would portray and exude values, virtues and attributes that are consistent with the faith that we profess. As a wide and overarching department touching several departments, its key roles are summarized in the following KBA School core pillars.

Inculcating Christian Ethics and Values

The department facilitates well thought out daily, weekly, monthly and termly programs that ensure that learners, staff and parents, form and develop sound Christian character and values. A balanced spiritual diet keeps the KBA fraternity well-nourished. Guidance and counseling and empowerment programs have yielded desirable fruits in terms of character formation of the pupils, enhancement of knowledge and life skills in diverse areas in staff and parents.
To strengthen what we teach, professionals in various fields are sourced and given opportunity to cement that foundation by their able and timely teachings. When all is said and done, spiritual empowerment through weekly bible verses, devotions and termly joint services for instance the KBA Sunday, are key cogs in the life of the School. The KBA Sunday gives opportunity to the school staff, learners and parents to serve and worship together. It is usually a moment of reflection, personal appraisal and above all examining one’s life in relation to God.
During all these spiritual undertakings, key Christian values are inculcated in all stake holders such as;
  • Tolerance that teaches us to value and respect our differences.
  • Love that binds us together as a unit.
  • Integrity that helps us to work with honesty while upholding strong moral principles.
  • Respect that defines the salvation in us.
  • Empowerment

    The formation department in conjunction with the board and management makes deliberate effort to empower stakeholders appropriately. Pupils are trained to communicate boldly and effectively in line with the school language policy.
    English is spoken throughout the week except Thursdays that is reserved for Kiswahili. Reinforcement, correction and incentives are key drivers in this endeavor. Formation department also plays an oversight role to ensure the full functioning of co-curricular activities that empower learners such as sports, drama, music and scouting as an integral part of the school program.
    The staff especially teachers are encouraged to keep upgrading themselves academically and in other spheres in order to improve their role as partners in the education and upbringing of children.