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Dr. Moses Mwangi
BOM Chairman

The KBA School was established in 1991 as an education ministry of Kahawa West Baptist Church. The School initially offered early childhood education at beginner, middle class and pre-unit levels at Kahawa West. Upon graduation, the pupils would proceed to public primary schools or other schools of their parent’s choice within the neighborhood.

In 1997, the first primary school cohort was admitted to standard one and presented for KCPE in 2005. Consistent excellence in academics and co-curricular programs such as Kenya National Music festivals, Chess and other empowering key activities have become part and parcel of the school. This excellence has led to momental growth with an enrollment of over 2500 pupils by 2023.

This demanded more from the institution that it could rationally offer and by God’s grace, the board was able to acquire a school going concern within a radius of 3KM. This was translated to KBA’s second campus, The KBA School Maziwa, which began operations on 11th May 2015. As a result of excellence in top quality academics and diverse co-curricular performance levels that looked insurmountable to many, KBA group of schools have within the Kahawa west community, Roysambu/Kasarani area and Nairobi County, created and positioned well, a highly trusted and valued brand - KBA .

The management team remains committed to the strategic imperatives of the KBA School through enhancing and sustaining feasible management systems while remaining open minded to learn and adjust to even higher performance levels.

Welcome to the KBA group of Schools where every pupil and staff work towards: conquering self, making individual track and potential maximization, a life style. For further information, kindly see the pamphlets and contact details posted on this site. If within Nairobi, Kahawa West and its environs, we welcome you on board to be part of a truly functioning, holistic and highly performing Christian School.